Volunteers established the Scheme in September 1996 in an effort to tackle the increase in marine crime against a backdrop of diminishing police resources.


Poole Harbour Watch operates by carrying out patrols, both day and night, in conjunction with individual boat owners and members of yacht clubs within the harbour. These patrols are conducted on random occasions and organised at short notice.  In addition all members are encouraged to keep a lookout when going about their normal boating activities and thereby supplementing the organised patrols.


We have established a reporting system that will enable those witnessing the scene of an incident to gather information of use to the authorities report that information to the police and back to the PHW database.  The statistics gathered will enable us to identify patterns in crimes and add substance to our pressure on the authorities for extra support. 


Additional to the patrols and watches there is an enormous amount of liaison with the bodies that serve our marine environment: -

The Poole Harbour Commissioners, Coastguard, the Chief Constable, marine and local police, the newly elected Police & Crime Commissioner and the fisheries.


In discussions with the candidates for the post of PCC we established the need for greater support, this consequently, led to the formation of a basis for future joint operations. This will be enhanced with the knowledge gained from our database and by the utilisation of the boating skills and knowledge of the waters that we already poses. 


This website contains links to an array of useful sites that provide information on weather forecasts, tides, phases of the moon as well as advice on security matters and equipment.  It also provides a forum for exchanging practical ideas and solutions.

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